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Halnor Farm Equipment Ltd.

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Discover the Ventrac Advantage:

  • Ventrac’s center articulating tractor allows for flexibility, an advantage on slopes and rough terrain, and is gentle on turf.
  • Ergonomic controls, power steering and a comfort seat allow you to work longer.
  • Incredibly durable and easy to operate and service.
  • Ventrac’s Finish Mowers are perfect for high-end jobs leaving behind an aesthetically appealing striping pattern.
  • Relatively light and compact allowing you to get around tight areas with plenty of power.
  • Minimal turf disruption even in wet and muddy conditions with four equally sized flotation tires.
  • Ultimate slope mower- can handle slopes up to 30 degrees.
  • Plenty of attachments for snow allows you to work year-round.
  • Tough Cut Mowers for high grass, thick weeds, brush as well as a field mower for heavy grass and small brush
  • 3 year residential and 2 year commercial warranty available.
  • With the Ventrac Mount System, all attachments mount quickly without the need for tools or heavy lifting in about a minute or less.
  • Weight transfer from front mounted attachment onto the front axle improves traction and stability on slopes.
  • Over 30 commercial grade attachments to choose from.

Ventrac is more than just a mower or loader, it is truly your One tractor solution

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